Synthetic Bath Line

Anatomic Sponge

Cód. 10-6

Contains: 01 unity

Soft, Double Sided, Exfoliating, Massager. Massages, cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes the body while showering, eliminating impurities and dead skin cells.               

Composition: Polyurethane foam and abrasive blanket.

Oval Sponge

Cód. 11-3

Contains: 01 unity

The soft face gently cleanses while the fiber massages and tones the skin, activating blood circulation, dilating pores and eliminating skin impurities.             

Composition: Polyurethane Foam and Abrasive Blanket.

Ball Sponge

Cód. 12-0

Contains: 01 unity

With an innovative and differentiated format that massages and does not harm the skin of both adults and children.

               Composition: Polyurethane foam and nylon thread.

Sponge Soap Dish

Cód. 13-7

Contains: 01 unity

Soft, dual purpose, cleans and preserves the soap. With soft foam it can be used as a bath sponge and soap holder.                 

Composition: Polyurethane Foam

Children's Sponge

Cód. 15-1

Contains: 01 Unity

Soft with fun formats. Made with a special foam specially developed for cleaning and skin care of children.               

Composition: Polyurethane foam.

Esponmax Sponge

Cód. 18-2

Contains: 01 unity

Gentle exfoliation. Exclusively developed for deeper skin cleansing with softness, comfort and delicacy

                 Composition: Polyurethane foam and Abrasive Blanket.

Ellegance Sponge

Cód. 19-9

Contains: 01 unity

Extra soft. Exclusively developed with fluff for deep and delicate cleaning                   

Composition: Polyurethane foam and cotton fabric.

Delicate Sponge

Cód. 20-5

Contains: 01 unity

Delicate and soft, for relaxing massage in the bath and deep cleansing of the skin.                 

Composition: Low density polyethylene, ethylene, acetylated vinyl and pigment.